Holistic Living: Bringing it All Together


Holistic Living: Bringing it All Together

Holistic living coachHolistic living is a key element to help you embrace who you truly are – inside and out – over time. Lifestyle changes – nutrition, identifying and letting go of any type of addiction or co-dependence, finding peace and calm during stress, and clearing blockages, both mental and physical, combine to transform each individual’s life. Profound transformation can be found and it will have a positive impact on EVERY area of your life with intention and attention.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following types of questions: Why am I really here? What is the point of life? Is this really all that there is? Why do I have the relationships/feelings I have? Why do bad things happen to me? How do I get rid of stress and make my life enjoyable? Why can’t I lose weight/get the job/girl/guy I really want? Holistic therapies and practices can help you provide the answers to these questions. Twin Flame Fitness brings in small bits and pieces of holistic thought and a yogic lifestyle to get you thinking about your life, how to find peace and acceptance, how you can live the life you REALLY want.

In terms of CrossFit and fitness itself, this type of healing is essential for an athlete who is not hitting peak, or for someone who has overcome significant physical or emotional challenges. That said, the stress of daily living is our culture’s greatest assault on our own personal power, our posture and alignment, and it directly impacts our overall success. While many can be successful without it, in some cases, over time, they learn that the price paid is on their health, their mental state, their inability to deeply connect to self and those around them. We all benefit from getting in touch with the inner voice, “our gut” – the voice that whispers when the brain yells – it is often drowned out by the stressors of work, family, society, TV/computers, drama, and finances. To be able to fully feel what exactly is happening inside and outside one’s body builds confidence, adds perspective, and aids the healing process.

Walk into Twin Flame Fitness knowing you are a part of a community – one that is supportive and fun. Yes, we WOD hard, but you will also find the confidence to be who you ARE. Sometimes the quiet support of an accepting group of friends – in a culture of stated non-judgment – is all one needs to begin to change from within.

Coach Liz helps her athletes find peaceful moments – the ones that sometimes occur during a very hard WOD (Workout of the Day), brings in holistic practices like soul centering prior to powerlifting class, and listens to her clients when they bring in the stress of the world into our gym. Our discussions of peace, self-love, and well-being seep in throughout the year and help each member to begin to transform their life to one of peace, compassion and love. Just ask our members. Especially the formerly skeptical ones!