Buff Girl Hair Problems


Buff Girl Hair Problems

Various stages of outgrowth... needing Hippie Runner Bands, bobby pins, and the good ole ponytail.

Various stages of outgrowth… needing Hippie Runner Bands, bobby pins, and the good ole ponytail.

If there’s anything more frustrating than growing your hair out, it’s growing it out while you’re working out! A year and a half ago, I had long, beautiful hair. I had gorgeous highlights. And then, one day, two weeks before my son’s bar mitzvah, I got the bug to cut it. Not just a little. A LOT. To make matters worse, I decided I was done being blonde and wanted it dark. VERY dark. There’s a reason most good hairdressers won’t do this for you. They know you will HATE it.

So, I left my hairdresser for one who said he could totally do it. And how…

My beautiful locks fell to the floor and I closed my eyes focused on manifesting an incredible transformation. After all, I was changing on the inside, why shouldn’t my outside match? I sent him a photo of Victoria Beckham with her sexy short bob. The only problem was, he was scissor happy and didn’t know how to color hair properly. It would have been ok if he had not colored it – red – not brown. Or, if he didn’t cut my bangs smaller than I had when I was born… but he did.

I left the salon, got in the car, looked at myself in the mirror, and as countless women have done, I CRIED my ass off.

I went home and asked my roommate to help me fix it. She cut it more and it actually was marginally less horrendous. My boyfriend at the time took me out for pho that night. Pho is now my new comfort food. He was incredible. Supportive. Told me I was beautiful, that it was my soul he loved, not my hair… but I hated it. I was embarrassed.

So began a journey for me of ugly hairdos and lots and lots of growing out.

I own a CrossFit gym, and I was becoming a yogi too, and I work out all the time. So I spent the better part of two years changing the color, cutting off the dead hair (overprocessed), coloring, striping, cutting again and again. And learning to pull it back off of my face and away from my sweat.

Then came Kelly’s text. “Ok. I need gf advice. How do I pull my hair out of my face while I am working out?”

First, I told her, the pixie cut growing out needs lots of love, but the skinny bands are the only ones that stay on (sort of); short of that, you need bobbi pins.

Then, I switched to Bondi Bands. Bondi Bands don’t slip off. They stay on when you have just enough hair at the nape and help pull tiny bangs back. When the sweat makes those tiny bangs stick to your head, Bondi carries it away keeping you largely looking good in the gym. Well, most of the time…

Thinking all was well, I was thrilled… but then it grew into a very awkward stage and bobbi pins were my only friend.

It was on to the baby pony… I love the baby pony. I was so happy to pull my bangs back (sort of) and clip together what I could in the middle or the top of my head. Just ask my friend Lisa about my infamous baby ponytails – she had one dipped in her beer one night when we went dancing – but hey, I looked cute. Oops. So yes, baby pony is a winner in the gym and on the dance floor. Until then, no man hit on me for months after my breakup. LOL.

Maybe there’s a correlation between your performance in the gym and your hair. The messier my hair gets in the gym, the better I perform. I just don’t always love the after photo. Sigh.

Once your hair grows out of the baby ponytail stage, you get to wear Bondi Bands again and your tiny bangs are no longer tiny wisps of hair pulled down and glued to your forehead by gel, they are part of your hair again.

Ahh… the ponytail. It’s not perfect, but it’s so nice. I missed you ponytail.

So the next time you get the urge to cut your locks, think about this and what I went through… and then think, “at least my performance in the gym will be stellar!”