CrossFit and YogaSo, yes, yoga is great for stretching and mobility – for restoring length and tension of tissue. We all know that. But do we do it often enough to add impact? Have you ever been in a yoga studio? There, it is a place of peace, acceptance, messages of spirit received through breathing and movement… but what if you don’t have time/interest to join a yoga studio? It is a phenomenal and life-changing practice to work those same pieces into your overall wellness.

When Coach Liz started doing yoga regularly and meditating, people asked her all the time what drug she was “on.” Simply stated, she was at peace with herself. She was happy. She accepted herself for the first time in her whole life… the “drug” was yoga and more so a yogic lifestyle. She was still a CrossFitter (stronger and healthier than ever), but she was no longer obsessed with it. She no longer got down on herself for not being able to “Rx” a WOD.

While we at Twin Flame Fitness have a great time laughing at ourselves for being the CrossFit that acts like a yoga studio (ever say “Namaste” after a WOD or stop mid-WOD to do a backbend?). We say things like, “Trust yourself.” “Be kind to yourself; choose a weight for the WOD that honors your needs.” We do not compare ourselves with anyone but ourselves. We are STILL driven. We still have and exceed our goals. But we no longer have eating disorders and our stress levels are way down.

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