I am thankful for…..exercise


I am thankful for…..exercise

Gratitude, the Brain, and Exercise


Hey everyone! Well the time is upon us…’tis the season to be thankful! Since I hope we all had a wonderful time stuffing ourselves with some delicious Turkey (or non-turkey) protein, let’s chat about gratitude and exercise. Yes, those two things are actually related.

Exercise and gratitude lend themselves to an amazing positive cycle. I love the sweaty, but happy and satisfied feeling we get after a tough WOD. You may have heard of endorphins and how exercise stimulates parts of the brain related to positivity and happiness. Well, increases in endorphins also increase feelings of well-being and gratitude (ta-da!).

This cycle works the other way too. Studies have shown that practicing feelings of gratitude (or just being plain old thankful) actually make us more likely to participate in exercise. This is great news for this time of year. If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist a glass of egg nog (maybe the adult version?) or an extra helping of grandma’s mashed potatoes. However, the feelings of gratitude and giving thanks give us a boost in exercise motivation to keep us on track. Of course everything in moderation is key, but who doesn’t need a little extra help sliding out of the flannel sheets to come to the box and sweat your butt off. Don’t forget, we also offer Yoga at Twin Flame Fitness, which is the perfect way to combine whole body exercise while practicing gratitude and love. (Not to mention a great way to de-stress if the in-laws are harshing your grateful vibes!)

So this year, give yourself a chance to be thankful. Thankful for the amazing CrossFit community at Twin Flame Fitness, for being healthy enough to have your butt handed to you by Natty & Liz, good food to nourish your body, family, friends, and all the blessings you have in your life. Start your cycle of positivity and I guarantee you it is contagious!


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