Introduction to Kelsey (Great minds think alike)


Introduction to Kelsey (Great minds think alike)


Good morning everyone! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself (for those of you who didn’t get to witness my very first CrossFit experience), and let you know how excited I am to be part of the Twin Flame Fitness family! You all have such a great community here and I can’t wait to get to know you.

A little bit about me, I am a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader. I recently ran (a term used loosely) my first ½ marathon this past summer! My educational background is in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. I finished my M.A. in Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise physiology at University of Maryland (Go Terps!) last January. During my time there, I helped to manage an NIH funded project on the effects of exercise on stem cells, and possible therapies for heart disease. Yes, I am a  nerd. After finishing my M.A. I worked in the federal agencies for a contractor doing corporate health and wellness. I realized after about a year that I missed my nerdy/academic side, and decided to go back to school for my high school teaching certification.

While working on my certification I have been working for a local speciality running store (which is where I met Coach Liz! Check out her shoes haha). She told me about her gym, Twin Flame Fitness, and it happened to be just 10 minutes from my house! I love yoga and functional fitness, but I had never really dabbled in CrossFit. Truth be told, I think I was a teeny bit intimidated by some of the more “hulky” gyms that conjure up an image of a dude in a sweatband, flipping cars, and grunting. Of course, there is always a time for grunting and sweating, but this rather one-sided approach to functional fitness was not something that appealed to me. As a former gymnast, I wanted something with more focus on alignment, form, breath, and overall health.

As I fitted Liz for her new shoes, and we chatted for probably over an hour, (sorry to everyone waiting!) I got to learn more about her gym and the community at Twin Flame Fitness. I was so excited to hear about her holistic approach to fitness and wellness. I felt like she was talking about all of the things that I was looking for to re-vamp my workouts. I had been feeling so bored with my regular runs and lackluster free-weight workouts, and I definitely needed something new. The encouraging, balanced, and frankly inspirational community she spoke of was enough to get my butt to the gym! (Stay tuned for post #2 about my very first experience at Twin Flame Fitness!)

Liz and I quickly realized that we shared a very similar vision for fitness and promoting a holistic lifestyle. When she learned of my background in wellness, blogging, and exercise; an idea was born. With our diverse, but so closely linked, backgrounds/experiences we decided we would make a great blogging team. I am really looking forward to co-blogging with Liz about everything from sinfully delicious recipes to proper alignment and breath!

Until next time!