Kettlebell Sport Club

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Kettlebell (or Girevoy) Sport is an international competitive sport where your goal is deceptively simple: perform as many reps as possible with competition kettlebells in a 5 or 10 minute set – without putting them down!

This sport is a terrific way to work both your strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Kettlebell sport requires using everything in your body as efficiently as possible – including your mind. It is about developing technique, efficiency and mental toughness, moreso than just raw strength.

In kettlebell sport, you learn form and technique first on lighter kettlebells, then build up from there. We currently have Kettlebell Kings competition bells ranging from 8kg to 32kg to accommodate all experience levels. We offer a more formal “class” time 2 days a week, with platform reservations available at other times during the week.

Our owners also compete in the sport and are currently pursuing international ranks. We (Liz & Kyle) have lost weight, built up our mental durability, learned patience, pacing… it’s you vs. the bells!


We also welcome garage Gireviks and out-of-town visitors who need a home away from home.

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