Member Highlight: Michelle’s Story


Member Highlight: Michelle’s Story

0_0_0_0_250_166_csupload_67427482Coach Liz and Twin Flame Fitness: It is bottom-line what took, and continues to take me from strength/muscle development and body measurement changes that had plateaued – to levels I never thought possible. I have exercised regularly for years and was never overweight. But, I put on about 40 lbs with each of my two pregnancies. While the number on the scale went down, my measurements were not where I wanted them to be.

Despite all the regular gym classes and eating fairly healthy, not much was changing. On top of that, I had nerve damage in my back from both pregnancies and a home weight lifting dvd that I was, well, frankly doing incorrectly! And the mobility in my shoulders was all messed up (again from bad form lifting weights).

I had resigned myself to thinking all I could do was cardio and very little weight-bearing activities. With Liz’s vigilance on correct form, not letting you lift more than you can lift correctly, in 6 months the nerve damage was imperceptible and I was lifting more than I ever have! For the first time since both kids, I felt and feel confident in a bikini!

It’s been a year since I’ve been with CFB. I am doing strict pull-ups, (lifting my) toes to (pull-up) bar, and flipping tires. I can deadlift and push-press/squat thrust a solid amount of barbell weight. My deadlift max is close to my own weight! I have pants that require a belt that two years ago I couldn’t or could barely squeeze in to! With some additional clean eating diet changes, I am down another dress size and looking at needing new pants! Finally, I am now running! I used to hate it or not have a large endurance to run more than a few miles. With the anaerobic conditioning I do at CFB, I am easily running 5 miles with energy to keep going –both road and trails! My sprinting speed has hugely improved also!

There is such a community with the women and men in this group. Everyone cheers each other on and helps each other. Everyone has things they are great at and things they are working on –so we balance each other out! I leave every class feeling exhausted but happy and peaceful!

Finally, to those working parents who think you can’t fit this in, you can. My kids see me exercising and eating well –and they are learning good choices from watching me. I am at their sporting and school events and I’m working. But I also block time on my calendar as a meeting notice (for me) to do lunch-time workouts. If I go to class after work, I come home, give them the quality time, and after they go to bed I’m back working again.

If I am at my healthiest, I’m not only giving myself a quality of life gift –but also a gift to them as I run and play and hike with them until they are exhausted! My side of the family has a history of heart disease and high cholesterol. I’m teaching them how to keep their pipes clean! My son, who is one of the fastest kids on his soccer team, said to me one day wow Mommy you are fast! How awesome is that?

~Michelle Monti