Merry, Bright & Light! A Guilt Free Holiday Treat


Merry, Bright & Light! A Guilt Free Holiday Treat


Here at Twin Flame Fitness, we believe life is all about balance. Balance is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. Knowing when to indulge, when to work your butt off at the box, and when to let your body recover. We believe that everything in moderation is the key to all around wellness. During the holidays, it is sometimes hard to keep up with your regular exercise schedule and eating habits. We get that. But with a few simple swaps, you can enjoy your favorite treats with less guilt (and sluggish sugar crashes).

For me, these Gingerbread Eggnog Cookies (grain free!) from Delighted Momma Blog do just the trick. She has successfully captured all of the warm, spicy, sweet flavors of the season and magically made them into a guilt-free chewy cookies.


Photo Cred: Delighted Momma

Try this recipe out for a treat that you can feel good about sharing with family and friends and keep your holiday season Merry & Bright.