Private & Post-Rehab Training with Liz


Private & Post-Rehab Training with Liz

Private CrossFit

While we love group training and the camaraderie provided therein, there are circumstances where an athlete needs or wants a more dedicated push and customized programming. Private CrossFit is the answer. We program just for you. We get to know you so we can learn your strengths and your challenges, understand how best to motivate YOU, and how to work on physical and emotional challenge areas that hold you back. Our programming can be altered on a dime if needed or changed to work in conjunction with your race training schedule, any injuries, or the fact that life gets in the way. We have private clients with busy schedules who need the flexibility to occasionally change their schedule. To secure a regularly scheduled time slot on our calendar, a series of a minimum of 10 sessions must be purchased at a time.

Post-Rehab Training with Coach Liz

As a former Movement Specialist at a PT/Chiropractic facility and NASM-CPT, Coach Liz is quite familiar with the human body and all of its challenges and abilities post-rehab. She is comfortable working with any neurological issue, spinal/back issues, shoulder, knee, ankle – any joint – any muscle – any part of the nervous system – after you are cleared by your physician from basically any surgery (exceptions being post-stroke – we do not feel our environment is well-suited to this issue and will refer out). She will help pretty much any person who is willing to work under her guidance (PT/doctor clearance being essential). Working with your PT or doctor, it is important to understand your root issues, physical needs, and potential complications (when needed). First and foremost, we help the participant relax. More tension and tightness and lead to more pain. Relaxation techniques vary from person to person. This is where Liz’s holistic life-coaching and yoga teacher training can be a huge asset. Yes, we are doing all of this inside a CrossFit gym, but your body needs to be able to function independently using fluid movement – not machines that trap your physically-altered body. So, inside our facility, we have TRX, stability balls, balance disks, bands, smaller dumbbells, mats, rowing machines that allow for pure movement. We work with your natural range of motion on a given day, work to correct any postural issues, and then and only then once your stability/endurance is built up, we work on strength. The stretch cycle is very important to understand and one most people overlook. We don’t. It is essential.