Two Weeks to A Thinner You?


Two Weeks to A Thinner You?

I was having lunch with a friend today… he told me he wanted to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Thinking perhaps he should cut out bread (which he loves), pasta and rice (which he also loves). Probably have to cut out cereal, too. Bye-bye sandwiches. Maybe all grains or anything “fun” to eat. Sure, you can put your body in ketosis and lose lots of weight. Fast. I lost 14 pounds in 14 days on Atkins 12 years ago. But, trust me, the minute you put that first piece of bread in your mouth … you won’ t be able to stop and it’s going to come right back on and you’ll also probably end up gaining more weight then you lost. I gained back 20 pounds after I got off Atkins because I couldn’t take it anymore (and then it creeped up from there)…

Perhaps, I told him, you should consider maybe a 2 MONTH strategy. It’s still not a long time. He would have to commit to working out in short, hard bursts three to four times a week for an hour each time… and as someone with a bulging disk, he’d have to give himself time to get his form excellent and learn what’s nerve pain vs. muscular/spinal. He may have to tweak or curb his eating (or as I well know, after 2 months, he will WANT to change his eating).

Then I explained he probably won’t lose much weight. He’d gain mass and lose FAT… he may gain muscle, which basically eats fat for lunch (and dinner and breakfast and while you sleep). But, his pants will be loose and he will have to get them tailored. Isn’t that the end goal?!

Many of my clients have already experienced this phenomenon. Ask them their stories. I’ve worked with people who were obese when they started with me. But they put in the effort, learned to understand their bodies and safely loaded mobile joints. And they are living proof that you can accomplish your goals if you are guided in the way to go.

Here’s to Two Months to a stronger, happier, healthier… and probably thinner… you!


Coach Liz