What is CrossFit?


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program using constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. It is highly scalable to the needs of each individual. What that means is that you can start a total beginner, an experienced athlete, or somewhere in between and still safely push yourself to YOUR fullest! There is a coach at every WOD and that coach sees you regularly and gets to know YOU and your body, your mind, your needs. At Twin Flame Fitness, the coach motivates you, but also keeps you safe spotting movement issues and providing cues to help you learn, gives you options for scaling any WOD, and watches the participants ACTIVELY during each class. Each day brings new challenges and exciting progress. Give us your best three days a week for a month, and your body will change. Give us your best at least three days a week for 6 months, and your life will change!

At Twin Flame Fitness, we have fused CrossFit and yoga into one Workout of the Day (WOD). Read more about that here. Like in yoga, we believe the safest route there is staying within one’s current operating Range of Motion (ROM). Using ROM as our guide, each day your movement could be a different quality – it is all based on how you are feeling and moving on that particular day. We focus on expanding your existing ROM progressively, over time. So, if you can’t squat to “depth” today (meaning below the parallel of your knees) without losing your core, you don’t do it today. You squat to where you safely are able – where you can keep your core in tact.

Some people call CrossFit a “cult.” (Yes, we said it.) While that certainly would not fit into Twin Flame Fitness’s philosophy (obsession is not exactly healthy!), what does work is being surrounded by a supportive group, many of whom become friends and fitness partners. We support one another through trying times, cheer each other on in the gym and life, and support nutritious pursuits and lifestyle changes.

We do a few WODs regularly to keep track of our progress, but otherwise, the WOD is always different! You are surrounded by people you see regularly and we foster an environment that encourages support, friendship and love for one another. In other words, Twin Flame Fitness is coaching, variety, friendship, support, and it is fun!

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